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First Grade Market Days

market days
Today, our first graders were given the opportunity to use skills they have learned in class as a final project. Each classroom participated in Market Days. The students took turns selling and buying from each other. The students were selling things such as homemade bracelets, pickles, manicures, bookmarks, and even a moment to play beach volleyball. 

Pennies for Patients
This month our students have been collecting pennies for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The money raised goes to help support research to help cure leukemia and lymphoma. The winning class for our school for raising the most money was Mrs. Kutscherousky's class. The total raised was over $3,000 for our campus.

Saturday School

second grade

This weekend, students from second grade and fifth grade came to school for Saturday school. The teachers planned lessons to extend on learning in the classroom. Students in second grade were conducting a research project on animals. Students researched an animal and then created a final project by using Keynote or Clips. The fifth grade students, participated in Reading and Science activities. 

Garden Club

Five McLennan Master Gardeners visited our campus to meet with our Garden Club. They helped assist in making newspaper sombreros about what plants need in order to survive. 
Each student made a sombrero. They added whimsical items that helped remind them that plants need: a place, nutrients, water, sunshine, air, and soil to keep them growing.