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Saturday School

second grade

This weekend, students from second grade and fifth grade came to school for Saturday school. The teachers planned lessons to extend on learning in the classroom. Students in second grade were conducting a research project on animals. Students researched an animal and then created a final project by using Keynote or Clips. The fifth grade students, participated in Reading and Science activities. 

Garden Club

Five McLennan Master Gardeners visited our campus to meet with our Garden Club. They helped assist in making newspaper sombreros about what plants need in order to survive. 
Each student made a sombrero. They added whimsical items that helped remind them that plants need: a place, nutrients, water, sunshine, air, and soil to keep them growing.

Steppin' Out


Historic brick keyhole garden completed during Baylor University  ‘Steppin’ Out’ community outreach program on Saturday, Nov.  4th. Bell’s Hill Science Specialist, Debby DeGraff collaborated with the McLennan Master Gardeners and Baylor University’s ‘Steppin’ Out’ program to create a beautiful and functional keyhole garden.  Mr. Rick Strot , Baylor’s PDS liaison, coordinated the event with the Baylor University Steppin’ Out crew. 

The bricks used came from the 1954 Bell’s Hill school that was torn down in order to build the current school building.  In 2010, construction plans included a brand new campus complete with Greenhouse and garden space.  A few of the bricks were set aside and used to create this functional work of art.

The Baylor Pi Beta Phi sorority supplied the ‘woman power’ and the McLennan Master Gardener, Louis McDaniel supplied the engineering.  The Bell’s Hill students now have another opportunity to learn during their Science Labs about where food comes from and plant life cycles thanks to this new keyhole garden.  

Teacher of the Year

Bell's Hill announced our teacher of the year this month. Mr. Horst is our 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year!

Student-Led Conferences


This evening, our students came with their parents to attend a conference. The students came prepared to discuss with their parents how they are performing in the classroom. This allows the teacher to meet with up to 4 parents at the same time. This year is a continued success. 
Thank you to all of the students and parents who came in to visit with their teacher last night.