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Student-Led Conferences
Posted on 10/11/2016
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Chocolate Fundraiser
Posted on 09/12/2016
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First Day of School
Posted on 08/22/2016
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Meet the Teacher Night
Posted on 08/18/2016
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Student-Led Conferences

This year, Bell's Hill held a night full of student-led conferences. Students sat with teachers prior to the evening meetings to complete a self-reflection form to help in their conference with their parents. When it was their parents meeting time, instead of meeting only with the teacher, the parents met with their child to talk about their progress in class. Teachers were in the classrooms to help assist in the discussion with their parents as needed. Students truly took ownership over their progress in class. Overall, teachers and parents have made great comments about this version of parent conferences. We are looking forward to another student-led conference in the future.

Mrs. Caballero earns U.S. Citizenship


Last week, Mrs. Caballero and her husband became U.S. citizens after taking their Oath of Allegiance at a naturalization ceremony in San Antonio.  On Friday, as she returned the staff and students wore red, white, and blue to celebrate her citizenship. Her students also had a parade around the room carrying flags with patriotic music to celebrate their teacher. You can visit the Waco ISD website or the Waco Tribune for a story on Mrs. Caballero.

First Day's of School

First Day

 From teary eyes to nervous grins, today is the first day of a new school year. This year our students enter the building for a new chapter in their storybook of life. Today, they will begin a new adventure in learning, one in which will help prepare them for the future ahead.
Enjoy each and every moment of the year to come!

Bell's Hill 2016 Summer Institute
"Protect Our Planet"
Our first ever Bell's Hill Summer Institute has been a great success! We have learned lots of new things about how to protect our planet and have created many new memories. Here are a few highlights from the week:
- participated in a hands-on recyclable sort
- painted rocks while learning about the Rock Cycle
- created our very own "chia" plant by planting seeds in recyclable water bottles
- created 3-D models of the Water Cycle
- created homemade bird feeders out of the recyclable water bottles
- explored the Solar System by creating dioramas
- and much more!

Keep Waco Beautiful Award Winners

Mrs. DeGraff and the Bell's Hill Garden club received KWB Rising Star Award of 2016 and Ramon Rosario won KWB Custodian of the year.


Outstanding Teacher of the Year Finalist
One Bell's Hill teachers, Mrs. Elisha Oliver, is a finalist for the OutstandingElementary Teacher of the Year. Below you will find a link to a video of the administration staff surprising her with the great news:

Mrs. Oliver Video


Students from second and third grade recently performed Dinostars. To see the video click on the link:


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